EDUMANAGER - Comprehensive Learner Management System
College Management

EDUManager enhances college management with with so many features such as course management, student enrolments, accounts (fees and payments), reporting, attendance , behavior, parent/guardian access, student elearning portal , tutor elearning portal and more..

School Management

EDUManager simplify the school management and enhances interaction with parents through the parent online portal. Detailed student records management, students assessments, student academic analysis, student conduct, class timetable, student invoicing and more...

Parent Online Portal

EDUManager allows parents/sponsors to access their student’s information online. They can acess the student academic results, view students notes, timetable, attendance register, disciplinary records, oustanding invoices and payment history

Teacher Online Portal

EDUManager allows teachers and lectures to upload study material online, manage student assessments(add online assessments, capture student marks), manage linked clasess, manage student attendance register, view all communication history and more...

Student Elearning Portal

EDUManagerallows students to access study material, submit assignments, view their profiles, view their communication history sent from their acdemic institution, view thier financials, views thier courses, view their examinations results online...