Administrative Management

Comprehensive adminitrastrative platfrom to manage most of the school/college operations. Multiple campus management. Resource/Documents sharing with parents and also profiling.

Tutor Elearning Portal

Allows teachers and lectures to upload study material online, manage student assignments(add online assessments, capture student marks), add attendance register.

Parent Elearning Portal

Access linked student's profiles online and view their academic, attendance registers, conduct records, student notes, financialns etc. View school events calendar and also resources such as newsletters, homework/assignments, announcements online.

Student Elearning Portal

Access student profile, study material, view registered courses, submit assignments online, view examination results. View school events calendar and also resources such as newsletters, announcements online.

Financial Management

This financial module is only for studdent fee management, it involves automated billing, payments managements, customised financial dashboard, student financial statements, emailing of invoices and staements to parents/guardians/students. Printing of reciept in POS slips or PDF.

Academic Management

Academic management involves the management of students's perfomance over a period of time or throughout the year. Capture students examination marks, assignment marks, view graphocal analysis per subject.

Bulk Emailing and SMS Management

Connect to parents, students, staff members using our bulk communication module. You can send bulk emails and bulk sms. Ability to email financial statements, sms students balances, sms students results

CMS Manager

Share resources online and also profile them. The CMS Library allows you to upload documents, images, files online. Create news blogs online, create newsletters online and share with parents. CMS Manager profiling allows you to share a newsletter or document to a specific group of parents. Only show relevant information to parents.

Personnel Management

Manage all your staff information online.